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Markets and Festivals

Bückeburg offers numerous events. Some of them as the Country Outing in early summer, the Christmas Magic on the first weekend in Advent, or the Medieval Spectacle attract visitors from the whole of northern Germany.

See the entertainment guide at the right for all events from flea market to symphony concert.

Hopefully, this small selection of reoccurring events  will tempt you:

Sculpture to be seen during the outing

Country Outing:

The highlight of the country style and garden ambience season within the picturesque setting of the Bückeburg castle gardens [For more information]

Christmas Magic:

Classy decoration around Christmas. Even gourmets get their money's worth[For more information]
Granit Ball

Granit Ball:

There is a lot going on. The restaurant proprietors in the upper Lange Strasse mount a varying music program every year [For more information]
Bückeburg boils over

Bückeburg Gourmet Festival:

Duck breast and champagne or suckling pig and beer. Are you a gourmet or just hungry? It does not matter, you will find something delicious. [For more information]
Medieval army camp

Medieval spectacle:

For anyone who has always wanted to bath in a wooden tub or experience the nocturnal pest procession [For more information]
Child at the fair

Spring and autumn market:

Ferris wheel or ghost train, costume jewelry or potato fritters [For more information]
Vegetable at the weekly market

Weekly Market:

Every Tuesday and Friday at the Market Place in front of the city hall [For more information]
Long culture night

Long culture night:

Once a year the Bückeburg sights are open until midnight [For more information]

Stadt Bückeburg

  • Marktplatz 2 - 4
  • 31675 Bückeburg