Castle Baum

Castle Baum

Jagdschloss Baum

Rusbender Straße
31675 Bückeburg
District: Rusbend
+49 57 02 / 7 91

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Castle Baum

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Castle Baum

The former hunting lodge Baum is idyllically situated in the Schaumburg forest. It offers both accomodations for young people as conference and recreation centre and a picturesque setting for music and theatre events in summertime.

The castle Baum was built by order of Count Wilhelm zu Schaumburg Lippe in 1760/1761 and is considered a monument of late baroque classicism. An English landscape garden and a small pond are attached to the castle. There is a grotto system behind that is enclosed by two portals. These early baroque portals were erected in 1758 and probably built for the ground level chamber of the Bückeburg castle between 1604 and 1606.

The castle owes its name to a tollgate (Schlagbaum) where toll was collected near the border of the small county.

Today, the evangelical youth of Schaumburg-Lippe uses the castle as a conference and recreation centre as well as an educational institution offering seminars, educational events, holiday and weekend retreats. The castle has a dining room, a common room, a kitchen, and dormitories on the upper level. Further dormitories for up to 40 persons are available in an adjacent building.

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