Castle in wintertime

View of the castle in wintertime


Schlossplatz 1
31675 Bückeburg
+49 57 22 / 50 39
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  • Bückeburg
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Castle Bückeburg

Bückeburg used to be the seat of government of the Counts of Schaumburg and later on of the Counts and Princes of Schaumburg-Lippe for centuries. The castle which is situated on an island and surrounded by water was built as a moated castle by Count Adolf VI of Holstein-Schaumburg in 1302.

The castle has been continuously occupied since its construction and some parts have been open for public viewing since 1925. Especially the Golden chamber with the famous Götterpforte (religious relic of deities) and the Great ballroom impress visitors during the guided castle tour. The elaborate golden carvings of the castle chapel are also worth seeing. The castle is surrounded by a well-kept English garden that invites visitors to take long walks.

You can enjoy royal coffee and the finest hot chocolate in the historical ambience of the old castle kitchen. Souvenirs and information material is available in the museum shop.

Opening hours

  • daily from 9.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • whereby only until 5 p.m. in winter
  • Guided tours take about 45 minutes
  • Groups are kindly asked to use the booking service

Entrance fees

  • Adult: 6.50 Euro
  • Groups with a minimum of 15 persons: 5.25 Euro
  • Children from 6 up to 16 years of age: 4.00 Euro
  • Children groups: 3,00 Euro 
  • Family card: 16.00 Euro
  • Reduced fee: 5.50 Euro

Impressions around the castle

Veranstaltung auf Schloss Bückeburg
Mahkameh zu Schaumburg Lippe
Heissluftballons vor dem Mausoleum
Mausoleum Innenansicht
Das Mausoleum im Schlosspark
Innenraum des Mausoleum mit Kuppel
Prunkvoller Saal im Schloss
Prunkvoller Saal im Schloss
Festsaal im Schloss
Festsaal Schloss
Vergoldete pompöse Schlosskapelle mit Blick auf den Altar
Schlosspark Bueckeburg im Herbst
Schlosstor und Marktbrunnen
Schloss Bückeburg
Schloss Bückeburg  im Herbst
Aussenansicht Schloss mit Parkanlage
Westansicht Schloss mit See
Schloss Bückeburg von aussen
Schloss Bückeburg Panorama
Blick auf das Schloss im Winter

Stadt Bückeburg

  • Marktplatz 2 - 4
  • 31675 Bückeburg